Advanced Research Management

ICT call 11

Deadline: March 16, 2013

Overall Budget Call: EUR 236.5 million 

This last call of FP7-ICT covers several Challenges of the   ICT Workprogramme.

Topic called are:

  • Challenge 1: Pervasive and Trusted Network and Service Infrastructure 
    (ICT-2013.1.1 Future Networks)
  • Challenge 3: Alternative Paths to Components and Systems
    (ICT-2013.3.1 Nanoelectronics & ICT-2013.3.2 Photonics)
  • Challenge 4: Technologies for Digital Content and Languages
    (ICT-2013.4.2 Scalable data anaytics)
  • Challenge 6: ICT for a Low Carbon Economy 
    (ICT-2013.6.1 Energy Grids & ICT-2013.6.3 ICT for water resources management)
    Challenge 8: ICT for learning and Access to Cultural resources
    (ICT-2013.8.2 Technology-enhanced learning)
  • Future and Emerging Technologies
    (ICT-2013.9.9 Flagship Initiative (b))
  • Horizontal Actions
    (ICT-2013.11.2 More efficient and affordable solutions for digital preservation developed and validated against public sector needs through joint Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP)

Should you be interestsed by the ICT Call 11 call, please do not hesitate to contact us to support your project.