Advanced Research Management

ICT Call 10

Deadline: 15 January 2013


Challenge 1: Pervasive and Trusted Network and Service Infrastructures  ICT-2013.1.2 Software Engineering, Services and Cloud Computing
ICT-2013.1.3 Digital Enterprise
ICT-2013.1.5 Trustworthy ICT
ICT-2013.1.6 Connected and Social media
ICT-2013.1.7 Future Internet Research Experimentation (FIRE)
Challenge 2: Cognitive systems and robotics ICT-2013.2.1 Robotics, Cognitive Systems & Smart Spaces, Symbiotic Interaction
ICT-2013.2.2 Robotics use cases & Accompanying measures
Challenge 3: Alternative Paths to Components and Systems  ICT-2013.3.3 Heterogeneous Integration and take-up of Key Enabling Technologies for Components and Systems
ICT-2013.3.4 Advanced Computing, embedded and Control Systems
Challenge 4: Technologies for Digital Content and Languages  ICT-2013.4.1 Content analytics and language technologies
Challenge 5: ICT for Health, Ageing Well, Inclusion and Governance ICT-2013.5.1 Personalised health, active ageing and independent living
ICT-2013.5.2 Virtual Physiological Human
ICT-2013.5.3: ICT for smart and personalised inclusion
ICT 2013.5.4 ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling
ICT-2013.5.5 Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation
Challenge 6: ICT for a Low Carbon Economy ICT-2013.6.5 Co-operative mobility
Challenge 8: ICT for learning and Access to Cultural resources ICT-2013.8.1 Technologies and scientific foundations in the field of creativity
Future and Emerging Technologies CT-2013.9.6 FET Proactive: Evolving Living Technologies (EVLIT)
CT-2013.9.7 FET Proactive: Atomic and Molecular Scale Devices and Systems
CT-2013.9.8 Coordinating communities, identifying new research topics for FET Proactive initiatives and fostering interdisciplinary dialogue
International Cooperation ICT-2013.10.3 International partnership building and support to dialogues Horizontal International Cooperation Actions
Horizontal Actions ICT-2013.11.1 Ensuring more efficient, higher quality public services through Pre-Commercial Procurement of ICT solutions across various sectors of public interest
ICT-2013.11.3 High quality cloud computing environment for public sector needs, validated through a joint pre-commercial procurement (PCP)
ICT-2013.11.4 Supplements to Strengthen Cooperation in ICT R&D in an Enlarged European Union
ICT-2013.11.5 Cross border services, investment readiness and legal advice for ICT SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs
Special action CT-2013.12.1 Exa-scale computing platforms, software and applications